Ruang Aksara

Fears, Sadness, Madness, Restlessness

The wolrd has become silent,
almost the end…

fears of what they will becoming,
sadness of loneliness captured with the lies within,
no light will help the madness,
feeling become restlessness,
almost the end of the world…

A song they sang,
had became the devils thought,
while the night lead voice of silent to tears.

No man will stand.
The timed had come,…when the land of God falls,
and wont be man will stand, while suffer is screams of woman.

But the story wont end,
when you hear the steps of the unknown, unseen, untouchable…will you defend for the light? Or eat the silent alive..
No fears, no sadness, no madness, no restlessness!
We are none of generation…
The death of forgiveness, revenge must be pay for whom hold by the heart.

Tick, tock, tick…tock…
Hear, hear…
the darkness need to be feed,
hihi…it likes you, oh yes, it does…
hear the silent of the world!



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